Frequently Asked Questions & Help

The login does not work, what am I doing wrong?

First, you should check your username and password. You will find your username in the registration email that you received when you registered.

It is important that you write the username and password exactly as they were when you signed up. It is case sensitive (“user” is not “User”).

If you have forgotten your password, you can use the “Forgot password” function on the home page of to send a new password to the email address you used during registration. If you have forgotten your username or changed your email address after registering, please contact travianet’s support team.

If your entry is correct and you still cannot log in, you should confirm that you clicked the activation link in the registration email: Access your mailbox, open the registration email and click on the activation link.

If you are automatically logged out after successful registration, the problem could be in the security settings of your browser.

You should also make sure you’ve logged out at the end of your registration. To do this, go to the Home page and then log off.

If you still have problems logging in, please contact the support team.

Provide the support team with complete information about your partner account and your PC system. Include these details:
Username and password combination
Browser in use
operating system used
Security Settings
Internet connection (direct, proxy, which provider)

Can I sell travelling packages online without my own travel agency?

Yes, you can! With travianet, any website owner can register and embed the advertising media on his website. You don’t have to own a travel agency.

You only need a website which you install our advertising media (banners, a booking sheet, the booking system, a template or a fully packaged travel shop) and you can start immediately. travianet takes care of the entire booking process for you!

Can I cancel my participation in the affiliate program?

Yes. This is because the contract can be terminated by both parties at any time, within a period of 4-weeks, without giving any reasons. In this case, the partner is obligated to immediately delete all advertising material of the Contracting Party (logos, banners, graphics, texts, links, etc.).

The website owner is not entitled to retaining or setting off any of these materials. The Contracting Party is obliged to credit and pay off the accrued remuneration of sales, and in the event the Contracting Party terminates the contract, balances arising from already paid recurring costs should also be settled unless the Contracting Party is entitled to compensation of damage costs from the partner.

When a partner changes his website domain, that does not change his contract and affect his rights and obligations under this Agreement.

Does it cost anything to participate in the travianet affiliate program?

Participation is completely free of charge for partner levels “Friends & More” and “Professional L”.

In the case of partner level Professional XL (earning an annual turnover of EUR 65,000), we charge EUR 50, and for those in partner level XXL (earning an annual turnover of EUR 250,000), we charge EUR 100 per month.

Is travianet's service center always open for that long?

We would like to offer our customers a service that they do not get from “normal” travel agencies. You can make your booking after office hours or even late at night, on weekends and during public holidays. You can also get information regarding your existing booking.

Most Internet users book their holiday at home in their free time, often after 8pm or even 10pm at night. If a question arises or if the customers prefer to call our service center, we are there for them.

Do I have to be liable as a partner for errors in bookings or travel services?

Of course not. The travel booking is normally completed by the customer and the respective tour operator, the airline, the hotel etc. That is why these companies are a liability if something does not work out as promised. If something goes wrong with the booking acceptance and payment, travianet is the right party to contact for both the customer and the mediating online travel agency.

How does making a booking through my website work?

You have embedded an advertising medium (banners, a booking sheet, the booking system, a template or a fully packaged travel shop) on your website using a link. This link has your partner account ID (e.g. a-11111-0). If the customer places a request through the advertising media on your site, the booking will be sent to travianet. Your partner ID will also be part of the redirecting link. Our system recognizes your partner ID and immediately assigns the booking to your partner account The next time we are crediting your account, you will find this booking reflecting in your account

From there, travianet takes care of everything else. We make the booking with the tour agency, call the customer back and discuss the mode of payment etc. The customer will later receive a confirmation from us with your website being mentioned as our advertising partner. The customer is also informed that he can contact travianet directly regarding all other questions and requests. For the record, the customer will still be listed under your account even if he calls us directly for the next booking. From our end, your Partner ID is listed with the customer number.

How does travianet ensure that transactions are assigned to my partner account?

All links originating from your site have your Partner ID or Account ID. This ID will be reflected on travianet when a booking is made. This makes it possible to always assign transactions uniquely. Some providers feature their Partner ID in a chat session, such that the Partner ID is no longer visible in subsequent pages. The crediting process still works without any problems since travianet thoroughly checks all links before they are used in redirecting link. This way, we make sure that you do not lose your booking.

Do I have to provide mandatory information on my homepage?

travianet’s terms and conditions, the data protection declaration and the EU’s “blacklist” regarding insecure airlines must be embedded on its website. You can find all these information under “Settings” in the redirecting code list in your partner account. You only need to embed the links on your website. We take care of the rest by updating it for you!

Likewise, any Internet portfolio must be properly watermarked to avoid warnings. A clear description of the mandatory information such as the “watermark” or ” service provider identification as per Section 6 TDG guidelines” is not required. The following information must be made easily identifiable, immediately accessible and always available:

1. Name and Address
First, the full company name, including the legal form, must be specified. Furthermore, the street, house number, postal code and physical location must be specified. It is not enough to specify the mailbox. In the case of a law firm or an association, the head office must be indicated.

2. Quick Contact Information
These include the phone number, fax number and contact e-mail address. If you want to prevent spam robots from reading the e-mail address, you should provide the information in the form of a JPEG or GIF file. If, for example, you do not have a fax number, you do not need to specify it.

3. Indication of the Authorized Representative
In the case of legal firms, partnerships and other associations, indicating an authorized representative is compulsory.

4. The Registration Certificate and the Registration Number
If you are registered in the commercial, association, partnership or cooperative register, the corresponding register must be named and the registration number must be indicated.

5. VAT Identification Number
if available, the tax identification number must also be specified.

6. Other information
If there is more information required and it exists, it must be also be indicated. If, for example, editorial contributions are published, the persons accounted for must be named as per Section 10 (3) of the MDStV. This must be a native who is working and has a permanent residence in Germany.

Can I use other affiliated programs?

It is up to you to decide where to place which advertising media on your website.

Can I add multiple URLs to a user account?

In principle, you can use travianet’s travel offers on several pages. Do I have to register a business?

For the professional partner level account, you can assign your user account number to your own sub account domains, which you can then analyze statistically and through earnings.

How can I change my partner level?

As a Friends & More partner, you can always become a professional partner to access additional features. Upgrading to the partner level XL and XXL is done by travianet upon request. Your current turnover in the current fiscal year is taken into consideration. If you have reached the required sales targets, or if it is foreseeable that you will reach the required sales targets in the current year, you will benefit from the additional features that come with an XL or XXL partner account starting next month. As a guideline, we use a sales target of EUR 65.000 for partner level XL and EUR 250.000 for XXL partner level.

If you would like to change to a lower partner level, please contact our support team by sending us an email at We will then change your user account accordingly.

When is the payment of advertising expenses done?

Unlike other partner programs, travianet pays immediately after the booking has been completed and not a number of weeks after the client has received the service. Since many trips are booked many months in advance, you will easily gain profit especially because you do not have to wait until the service is delivered for you to get your money.

Each booking is credited 7 days after being received. Payouts are made twice a month. You receive payment if you have accumulated more than EUR 25.

What if the customer canceled his trip?

If the customer has to cancel his/her travelling plans, paid advertising allowances will be charged back on the partner account.

Must your income be taxed?

As an independent entrepreneur or trader, you must tax your income.

Employees, freelancers, students, etc., must comply with applicable tax laws and procedures where necessary.

Do I have to register a business?

Despite freedom of trade in Germany, any admission of self-employment is subject to notification (Section 14 of GewO) irrespective of whether this activity is carried out as full-time or part-time employment. You can get a business license for a small at a one-time fee (about EUR 25-40) at the municipal administration.

What is the difference between Partner ID and Account ID?

Each partner is assigned a partner ID, e.g. A-11111. One can hold multiple accounts under one partner ID. A good example is in the case of a partner with several websites and wants to separate earnings from each website. The account ID is attached to the partner ID with the suffix -0, -1, -2, and so on. Examples of account IDs include A-11111-0 and A-11111-1 etc. In your partner account, you will find all earnings associated with your partner ID. You can also select individual accounts to track exactly where each earning was made.