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We offer solutions & Services for travel companies

For better performance, profitability and increased income

And a specialized call and service center

For optimal customer care.

We feature a slightly different customer care center

Most customer care and service centers do not have the best reputation. This is because they are understaffed and the caller ends up waiting to be served for too long. In the end, the problem is not solved. This is not so with us!

Top affiliate advertising partners for travel packages

travianet ist der Top-Partner für den Verkauf von touristischen Leistungen und Produkten von Reiseveranstaltern, Online-Reiseportalen, Hotelketten, Mietwagen- und Hotelportalen, Reisebürokooperationen, Fremdenverkehrsämtern und Reiseversicherern.

Decent people instead of ineffective automated processes

For us, our callers do not talk to automated answering machines or computers. Instead our friendly customer personnel assist them professionally.

Best services with highly reduced waiting times

Our specialized call and service center features state-of-the-art facilities and over 100 experienced and highly motivated travel professionals who take care of the booking, payment of trips and other additional services. Due to the high number of personnel, the average waiting time averages at 14 seconds in most months.

Highly qualified, motivated and with friendly booking rates

We employ exclusively travel agents and specialists to join our team. We then train them on enjoying their work while dealing with people and they become fit for servicing the options you have been offered. We regularly carry out these training and this has made them highly proficient even in complex service specialties such as scheduling of chartered flights and cruises.

They are fluent in written and spoken German and English which builds their motivation and makes them enjoy their work when selling travel packages. This is also felt by the customers and makes their result noticeable. As such, our share of bookings from incoming calls is higher in comparison to other service centers in the travel industry.

Secure technology, reduced distances and optimized workflows

The travianet service center uses state-of-the-art technology that is TÜV certified. With the firm having its own “Tourist Information System” (TIS), all workflows can be mapped quickly and transparently. The system is modular and flexible which means it can be optimally customized to fit your needs and technical architecture.

The technology used in communication is double secured.

All network services run twice to prevent single point failure. In the event telephone system fails, the manufacturer has put up contingency plans that guarantee fast resuming capacity.

Professional handling of telephone inquiries

You have a choice to make concerning how your customers can reach us: by landline, the service hotline number, a free 0800 number or via call-back requests. Of course, you can also redirect your numbers to us. Incoming calls are assigned to the respective business partner via a switchboard. This opens a form that appears on the employee’s screen. The form features all the necessary information regarding the call, including reasons for the call, and the call history is also recorded are recorded.

Absolute transparency and excellent oversight of bookings

We provide you with the interview data, the general overview and evaluation of all bookings and payments – this is done without infringing data protection regulations. As such, you can get the overview of the booking trend for your customers.

Quick conversion of requests into bookings

When possible, telephone inquiries are processed immediately and posted online or in the system. In the case of more complex travel requests, the data is recorded. The customer will be called back within the agreed-upon time frame or we they are sent a precise offer via email. If the desired offer is no longer available, we always find suitable alternatives for your customers.

Processing of requests can be done via email, fax or post mailing

We are always responsive to your customers in writing. Inquiries sent via email, fax or postal mail will be answered within a clearly agreed-upon time frame.

More bookings via active requests

Pending requests are set to “post-processing” in our system. This means that it is active, prompt and reliable when we are asked by the customer whether the offer they desire corresponds we have hence giving us the go ahead to make the booking.

365 Days a year - more than 90 hours a week

Our travel specialists are available to your customers 365 days a year – more than 90 hours a week. Our offices are open for longer hours, which is highly favorable especially by our customers:

Monday to Friday from 8am to 10pm

Saturday from 9am to 10pm

Sundays and public holidays from 11am to 10pm

Personalized services

We make these services to run in an optimum environment.

We provide all the services offered by an online travel agency


We are not only a service provider that serves all other service providers in the tourism industry, but also, we are an online travel agency. This means that we can also offer your additional customer services such as car rental, hotel accommodation, shuttle transfers and travel insurance etc. You decide what you want us to offer to your customers and what not to. For all additional sales and promotions, you will receive an attractive commission (WKZ = an advertising expense subsidy). Allow us to advise you without any commitment from your side.

IT & Web support


Whether you want to set up your own online shop or set up and grow your website, whichever question you have, our experienced IT personnel will be happy to advice you regarding all your database-, software- and hardware-related questions Please feel free to contact us when necessary.

Even if you as a typical travel agency that sees the importance of having a professional online appearance and the cost plus the effort used still points to us as the right people to contact. We are happy to help.