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Because vacation is a subject everyone likes.

The travel partner program for clubs.

For all tourism professionals and beginners who want to sell trips on the internet

We lead the market for partner travel programs

With around 10,000 partners, we are the biggest and most successful provider of travel partner programs.

We want you to profit from it too

Our concept is designed to be win-win. It doesn’t matter WHEN you jump in, and you don’t have to make any significant investments, either. You can also take a couple weeks, months, or years to think it over. But then you’ll miss out on the steady revenue that would have been easy to generate in that time.

And it works like this

With more than 120 service providers — such as travel businesses and portals, airlines, ocean carriers, hotel chains, hotel and rental car portals, vacation home hosts, and travel insurance companies — we cover the entire spectrum of the travel market. As a result, we offer considerably more than most normal travel bureaus in the program. We’ve already marketed all these offers online with virtual travel shops and booking machines. They can be booked 24 hours a day, with several hundreds of millions of travel offers to choose from and a price comparison feature. The whole thing is subsidized by about 500 advertising tools such as travel search boxes, banners, and templates.

A steady stream of bookings that pays off

We receive hundreds of requests, calls, and bookings daily. For every trip placed, we get a commission from the tour operator. If the booking comes through a partner site, we pass a majority of the commission on to that partner. We call this an advertising subsidy. This amount is attributed and paid out to the account of the respective partner. On a steady basis, for every single booking.

You have the website. We take care of everything else

All you need is a website. You probably have one already. Incorporate our advertising media there, and your site visitors can start booking trips. We’ll take care of the offers in it, the booking, customer service, and billing. That means no work and no cost for you – except a monthly fee for the “Professional XL” and “XXL” partnership levels. The “friends & more” and “Professional L” partnership levels are free.

A lucrative deal. So why are we sharing it with you?

Naturally, companies like us can create our own professional websites and offer trips there. But we don’t reach nearly as many customers that way as we do with our current 10,000 partners. We want to keep expanding this business – and gain you as our partner.

Win-win-win for all parties

The customer can choose from the complete range of offers from over 120 renowned vendors, and find their dream vacation just as fast. This increases turnover, from which you and we both profit.

Fastest advertising subsidy payout

Many trips are booked long in advance, up to ten or twelve months before the trip itself. In contrast to other partnership program vendors, we don’t wait to pay until after the customer starts their trip. With us, you receive your advertising subsidy transferred to your account no later than two weeks after booking.

Advantages even when booking through the hotline number

Even for bookings made through our call and service center, you get the full subsidy if the booking is made through your hotline number. You receive this at no cost in the Professional partnership levels. If the customer rebooks for a later date by calling us, you’ll also receive the full subsidy for this follow-up booking.

Everyone can participate -- from beginners to pros

As the marker leader among travel partner program vendors, we offer the perfect partnership for everyone. Start out free in the “friends & more” and “Professional L” partnership levels. If your sales figures reach over 65,000 Euros or 250,000 Euros in the year, you can switch to the “Professional XL and XXL” partnership levels.

friends & more partnership level for beginners

If you run a private homepage, our “friends & more” partnership level is the one for you. Simply install our advertising tool and you can book your own trips – with price advantage – immediately. Your page is also worth your friends’ and acquaintances’ while; this is where they can compare prices from all trip vendors and book package tours and last-minute trips with the Best Price Guarantee. Of course you’ll also receive the full advertising subsidy for these bookings, and you can share it with your friends if you want. If you’re a beginner, you also have the option of starting off in the free “Professional L” level.

Partnership level "Professional L," "XL," and "XXL" for professionals

Professional website operators who already have experience in online marketing are offered a good and free way of getting started with the “Professional L” partnership level. You can switch to the “Professional XL” and “XXL” partnership levels when your turnover reaches the right amount. As a professional partner, you’ll get your own hotline number to publish on your website. It’s connected to our call and service center, which will take care of all handling and billing, as well as customer service.

Full transparency during booking and billing

You can track all booking details in real time in your partner account. Our employees in the call and service center record all contact with the customer and every step of the procedure involved in a booking in a memo. You can view this at any time. You’ll also find a nuanced booking overview in your account. With this, you can find specific bookings quickly and easily, or generate an offline report as a PDF for your records or informative statistics. The booking overview also makes it easy for you to adjust the use of advertising media precisely in accordance with customer behavior.

Always ahead of the game with news, info, and trend barometer

As our partner, you’ll get regular information from us about interesting travel destinations and products. You’ll also find a list of the current top sellers in the trend barometer in your partner account. This way you always know exactly what is popular and can adapt your website accordingly.

Support that really helps -- and at no cost!

A partnership program stands and falls with the support its partners offer. That’s why we put so much emphasis on outstanding support. We don’t have support fees or 0900 numbers subject to a charge. Our team includes expert specialists with plenty of experience in the internet and IT business. Someone is always ready to hear your questions, suggestions, and requests at +49 991-29 67 60400 or

Partnership levels

Find an overview of the services and advantages at the different partnership levels here

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General information

Find general information about partnership programs here

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Frequently asked questions

We answer frequently asked questions in our FAQs

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For customer satisfaction and motivation

Travel vouchers for customers and employees.

Additional benefits and incentives for customers, members, and employees

Additional benefits and bonuses in the consumer sector are an effective tool in competition for customer favor and loyalty. Everyone is happy when they’re given something, especially when it brings them something real, like significantly relieving the burden from their vacation savings.

The same thing applies to employees. Their motivation and commitment will be effortlessly increased with interesting bonuses and rewarded, especially if they aren’t taxable and carry a real advantage.

In both instances, clever strategists can now use travel vouchers from travianet that customers or employees can redeem with us or our partners.

A clever idea that pays for itself

The highlight of our travel voucher system is that it carries advantages for everyone involved:

  • The travel voucher issuer: They can use the travel voucher as an attractive advertising tool with customers or for employee motivation.
  • The customer or employee: They have a considerable price advantage in booking their vacation or trip.
  • The travel voucher issuer (again): Their expenses (depending on the booking amount) are reduced, paid off, or even converted to profit through cashback.
And this is how it works
  1. With our system, we generate vouchers for you with individual voucher numbers. The value of the voucher can be defined by you at the amount of your choosing, let’s say 100 Euros.
  2. The vouchers can be issued physically in printed format, or online at your website, a landing page, or in a newsletter.
  3. The recipient of the travel voucher can redeem it directly at travianet or with one of our partners when booking a trip there. The respective domains will be disclosed on the voucher or in context to it.
  4. The 100 Euros will be subtracted immediately from the booking invoice total and charged to the issuer as a debit at first.
  5. However, the issuer of the voucher will be paid out a type of commission for the transacted booking. This is what we call an “advertising subsidy.” The advertising subsidy will be counted against the value of the voucher (100 Euros in our example).
  6. The subsidy can reduce, break even with, or even exceed the applied value (100 Euros) depending on the amount of the booking invoice. In the last scenario, the issuer would have made a profit with the voucher, which is in fact not uncommon.
Sound interesting to you? It is!

We’re happy to answer all of your questions in a private conversation and discuss the options and conditions with you.

For full club funds

Das Reise-Partnerprogramm für Vereine.

A modern club has a lot of expenses!

A modern club has a lot of expenses. Youth development costs a lot of money, new equipment has to be purchased, the clubhouse needs renovation, the anniversary party is coming up, and new jerseys are overdue.

This can hardly be accomplished with member dues and donations alone. Proceeds from “coffee and cake” drives and flea markets don’t really patch the holes in the budget either. But what are the internet and travianet there for?

Send your members and fans on vacation!

We offer clubs a smart option to generate additional income with traveling. With our travel partner program for clubs, you can earn appreciable additional revenue with low expenditure – even in small clubs.

And this is how it works

travianet provides your club with a complete online travel shop – in your club colors and with your club logo – at no cost. In addition, you’ll receive comprehensive service and support from us with travel bookings – 365 days a year. Also at no cost!

The families and relatives of your club members and fans book their vacations directly through the club’s own travel portal from now on.

Here, anyone interested in a vacation can find all attractive travel offers from leading tour operators and even specialized niche vendors. So you get the same attractive conditions for your vacation trip as with other portals, too.

Our booking service will receive and take care of your club members’ and fans’ bookings directly through private phone call or e-mail. They’ll receive the same comprehensive booking service through our trained professional staff – that they would on-site in a travel bureau. But the biggest difference is:

Your club’s cash register will jingle with every booking

Your club’s members and fans will support the club financially with every booking without having to dig into their own pockets. Because for every trip booked through the club portal, the club receives a commission in the amount of 5.0% of the trip price. This will be paid out directly to the club’s account. No minimum turnover is required.

Participating in the travel partner program is free

Joining and participating in the partnership program is guaranteed free and non-binding for you, and of course your members too, at every step of the way.

Even the online travel shop, the phone travel service, and the use of all advertising materials provided by us are free and non-binding. There are no hidden costs or fees at travianet.

The only thing you have to do now

Tell your club members about this opportunity and encourage them to book as many of their vacations as possible through the club travel portal. If you do this by word of mouth, e-mail newsletter, or your club magazine, the time expenditure will be negligible.

Your travel portal looks really great in your club colors

Naturally, we’ll also muster your online travel portal in your club colors and with your logo. You can include the link to the travel portal either on the club homepage, or under a sub-domain that we’ll provide.

Your portal will also be technically impressive with sporty benefits

You’ll get a modern, high-quality online travel portal where all kinds of travel can be booked, whether it’s last-minute, package tour, family, hotels, flights, cruises, rental cars, etc. We’ll also provide you with your own service phone number at a fixed line rate. Your members and customers can use this to reach our professional booking service, which is also provides support for all questions about booking and processing the trip.

Still have questions, or want to get started NOW?

Then give us a call. Our team is already at the starting block for you.

IT & Web Support

For successfully implementing your travel voucher campaign.

Our IT team is happy to advise and support you in bringing your voucher campaign to life on your website, on a landing page, or in a customer newsletter. Just get in touch with us whenever you need. We’d be glad to explain in detail the options for technical implementation and the fair terms of our services.