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travianet was founded in 1998 as “Touristikbörse Deggendorf” and has been trading since 2006 as travianet GmbH. In 2012, it was taken over by the FTI GROUP.

travianet GmbH is now a market leader in the field of travel partner programs. In the Deggendorf headquarters of travianet GmbH, more than 120 employees are working in 1,200 square-meters of office space, of which approximately 100 are qualified travel experts in the tourist service center. As the largest tourism enterprise in the region, travianet trains around 10 tourist buyers each year.

Internal quality management ensures compliance with high quality standards. Quality management is supported by experienced, in-house trainers, who intensively coach all service center staff.

In the back-office area, the company is well-equipped in the departments of technology and support. The IT department has its own expertise in all relevant business areas, which ensures the independence of external service providers. The support department is available to all participants of the partner program with seven experienced employees.

The FTI GROUP is an international travel company headquartered in Munich. The company employs around 7,000 people worldwide and has offices in Germany, Austria, France, and Switzerland. It sells travel to around 120 countries and is the fourth-largest tour operator in Europe.


The third-largest travel company in Europe.

The FTI GROUP includes:

  • The tour operator FTI Touristik
  • The short-term provider 5vorFlug
  • The rental car broker driveFTI
  • The Destination Management Company (DMC) Meeting Point International
  • The event touroperator for specials BigXtra
  • The global online B2B provider for accommodation in Youtravel
  • The flight ticket consolidator FTI-Ticketshop
  • The franchisee for travel agencies Touristik Vertriebsgesellschaft (TVG)
  • Europe’s largest travel shopping channel sonnenklar.TV

The sister companies of travianet, erf24 touristic services GmbH at the Erfurt site and bsl24 at the Swiss location in Basel are also part of FTI GROUP. Highly professional travel service centers are at all both locations, which, in addition to the products of the FTI GROUP, also provide a high proportion of services for other clients.

Due to the close cooperation between the service centers, there is excellent synergy. Furthermore, the locations complement one another and are in the position to organize an emergency operation for a short time, in the unlikely event of a complete breakdown.